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Growth Program for Altri High Potentials

Porto Business School considers the Altri Group to be very relevant as an organisation, because of its great contribution towards the domestic economy, its strong international presence, its excellent economic, financial and commercial performance, its production and innovation and above all, the exceptionally high quality of the technical and behavioural skills of its top management and of its teams, who are constantly creating value for all its stakeholders.

It was against this backdrop, and with a great deal of pride and a deep sense of commitment, that Porto Business School once more rose to the appealing challenge by the Altri Academy to jointly develop the Growth Program for Altri High Potentials.

As the fortunate name implies, the program was designed for young personnel who have a great potential for future growth within the Altri Group as a whole.


It was with a great deal of pride and a deep sense of commitment, that Porto Business School once more rose to the appealing challenge by the Altri Academy

Launching this program makes even more sense if we take it in conjunction with the Breakthrough Program for Altri Future Leaders, held in 2014/15 in the form of a partnership between Porto Business School and Altri, which was geared towards more senior personnel who have, generally, been with the group for longer.

Taking into account the profile of the participants and the strategic goals to develop the Altri Group’s human capital, Porto Business School and the Altri Academy drew up a program with the following features:

• Duration: 48 hours

• Number of participants: distributed among two classes

• Locations hosting the training initiatives: Porto, Tomar, Furadouro and Figueira da Foz (Kick Off and Follow Up)

• Subjects/Topics: Leadership; Working Together; Confidence & Self Improvement; Feedback as a Gift; Negotiation; Basics of Management; Financial Topics and Management Indicators

• Teaching methods: Presentations by teaching staff; Case studies; Role Playing; Self-testing exercises; Action Learning Groups; Master Ideas Board and Personal Roadmap.

The features of the program described aimed to fulfil the following critical success factors:

• Ensuring the program was in line with the Altri Group’s strategic and operational ambition, meaningfully achieved via human capital, information capital and organisational capital, (leadership, culture, alignment, team work and cooperation), in a robust and accurate manner, with commitment and pride in being part of the Group;

• Mobilising and training participants to handle major individual and Group challenges, via critical behavioural skills (leadership, teamwork and cooperation, negotiation, self-awareness, emotional intelligence and individual productivity) and general management, accounting and financial skills, as relevant for today’s executive managers.


From our standpoint – Coordinators, Teaching Staff and program Manager – the Program went very well

In order to achieve these goals, the teaching staff and participants jointly focused on the teaching methods, namely the Personal Roadmap (individual commitment towards improvement, made by each participant) and the MIB – Master Ideas Board (challenges, ideas and suggestions for improvement presented by the participants, impacting on the Altri Group).

The classroom lessons kicked off in September and ran through until December 2018, and the program will now enter its Follow-Up stage to assess its impact on the individual and team skills of the participants, and therefore on their individual and organisational performance.

From our standpoint – Coordinators, Teaching Staff and Program Manager – the program went very well.

The participants were a major factor in the success of this program, with their very active presence, their excellent contributions, and a selfless sharing of their knowledge and academic, professional and life experiences, which all went to make up an exceptional group dynamic and a winning culture… and this makes us very happy, very grateful and a little nostalgic.

Finally, Porto Business School would like to thank the Altri Group for placing their trust in us, and we hope to maintain and develop this partnership.