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Extraordinary times call for extraordinary people

The country, Europe and the entire world are facing a public health crisis on a scale unseen in living memory, which is unleashing a major economic recession.

These are unprecedented and exceptional times. In response to this huge challenge, Altri has implemented a Contingency Plan, staggered into different stages, with preventative measures, control and surveillance of Covid-19 infection, in accordance with guidelines issued by the Directorate-General for Health.

We greatly appreciate the way all members of the Altri family have risen to the occasion. We would like to express our confidence in all of them at this difficult time. We know the immediate future won’t be easy, but we will overcome all the challenges on the horizon. An industrial group as large and as important as Altri will be able to live up to its corporate, social and environmental responsibilities in these extraordinary times, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with our workers, suppliers, customers and the communities of which we are a part.

We haven’t just downed tools. We continue to push boundaries to find new areas and sectors, both within and outside of the paper pulp market, where there is complementarity with our skills. This was the reason for creating the Department of Innovation and Technological Development at Altri, so that we could have an area within the group to study and analyse new value chains, new products and new businesses resulting from the use of what we already have at our factories.

Our business activity requires a commitment to ensure that a productive forest is compatible with protecting the diversity of our environmental heritage. This is why we have set out our vision for the next 20 years, for preserving and promoting biodiversity in timber harvesting areas under Altri Florestal’s management. This is the premise of the Altri Diversity initiative.  We want to preserve and restore those ecosystems which are relevant located on company property. In this edition we will show you some of the things we are doing.