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A world leader, a new communication

Today, Altri is one of Europe’s largest producers of pulp for paper. Its production is essentially aimed at the external market – over 93% in 2016 – which makes the group also one of Portugal’s largest exporters.

With a strategy based on sustained growth and an efficient manufacturing process, Altri is recognised for the excellent quality of its products, its customer satisfaction and for generating value for all its stakeholders.

Taking advantage of a high-quality raw material provided by Portugal’s forests, Altri uses the best practices available to perform and enhance its forestry business, thereby making a major contribution towards improving the productivity and management of the domestic forestry sector.


Altri News is a new vehicle for communication, whose aim is to raise the profile of the industry’s whole value chain

We are increasingly expanding our business worldwide and we want to continue to lead the way both in terms of our ability to generate value and our outstanding performance.

This is why we have decided to launch Altri News. A new vehicle for communication, with a modern image and fresh outlook, whose aim is to raise the profile of the industry’s whole value chain. We will therefore act as a platform for the company’s managers and employees, lending a human face to the business and showing its importance to the domestic economy and to the regions in which the factories are located.

The company is very much committed to ensuring the sustainability of the regions in which it operates, and for this reason Altri News is also a venue where we can address the management and protection of the forest and our ongoing concern with environmental conservation issues.

We hope you enjoy reading this new magazine.