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Sofia Jorge, manager of Celbi’s Technical Control and Management Systems department

Aiming for zero accidents

The Safe Behaviour Project came at the right time at Celbi. Although the company had for many years been aiming for Zero Accidents and had done remarkable work in implementing the Health and Safety at Work Management System, the time had come to take it further. In the last few years, the number of accidents had stabilised at a threshold that, although not bad, was not what the company wanted.

Research into these accidents had shown that around 70% of them were caused by unsafe behaviour. This is where there was work to be done and the company had to seek specialist help from an external partner.

Whilst searching, the name LTM cropped up and this company proved to be the right partner for the project. The methodology set out by LTM seemed very simple, but right from the off required the determination and full involvement of the upper management and the entire company from the top down. Two years later, all stages of the process have been implemented. We had successes and failures on the way, we often took one step forward and two steps back, but everyone made a huge effort and became involved. The word “can’t” was never used.

The results achieved have met our expectations. The organisation is aware that we can’t slow down and that we have to keep moving forward in order to avoid slipping back. The programme began with those who work at Celbi, and there was an immediate desire to extend it to our service providers. This second stage will begin shortly.