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Góis wants to make good use of the forest biomass from the area

Góis Municipal Council, Altri and Góis Municipal Forestry Association (AFCGóis) signed a protocol whereby Altri commits to purchase the residual forest biomass produced in the municipality of Góis. In turn, the local authority will create and implement several forest biomass Receiving Units throughout the county, which will be managed by AFCGóis.

This agreement envisages initiatives to urge landowners and tenants, including associate members of the AFCGóis, to deliver the forest biomass from their land to the new Receiving Units. The council itself sets an example. Through this protocol, it makes a commitment to send the Receiving Units all the residual forest biomass collected from its land.

This protocol strengthens Altri’s position in the production of renewable energy via biomass. Altri already has four plants operating in this segment, producing over 62 megawatts.

All three parties feel that by signing this protocol of collaboration they will be taking a major step in enhancing the value of the forest and making use of forest waste, thereby also reducing the risk of fire spreading. This initiative creates value and security in terms of forest ownership, by stimulating and constituting a value chain based on local rural employment and as part of a proper policy of local development.