Pulp production technology course

Pulp production technology course

The course was attended by 26 technicians from the Caima, Celbi and Celtejo factories, working in the Production, Laboratory, Innovation Management Systems, Operations and Process sectors.

Celbi arranged a Pulp Production Process training course as part of its Skills Development Scheme. The course lasted for five days and was held at the Quinta do Furadouro premises.

It was the first technical course relating to paper pulp production which involved technicians from all of the Altri Group’s different production units.

The subjects were taught by three teachers: one from the University of São Paulo, one from the Federal University of Viçosa and the other a technician from Celtejo. The course plan included a Team Building session held one evening in the town of Óbidos.

According to industrial operations development manager, Vítor Lucas, who promoted this initiative, “courses of this kind are important, since they aim to improve the technical knowledge of Altri’s employees and provide more information on the specific aspects of the industrial processes performed at each factory”.

He goes on to explain that as well as these two focuses, this technical training helped to “promote the network of contacts within the Group and to create a culture of excellence by sharing the best practices and creating common working standards”.

Course format

The initiative had a duration of 40 hours and was divided into three modules
1. Paper pulp production (16 hours)
• Basic Characteristics of Wood – Anatomy, Physics and Chemistry
• Preparation of chips
• Cooking processes
2. Bleaching (16 hours)
• Bleaching stages
• Bleaching sequences
• Environmental aspects
3. Dissolving pulp (8 hours)
• Basics
• Production processes
• Applications